Sunday Morning Classes are as follows, by age/grade:


Mother's Lounge/Cry Room: Foyer

We have a Mother's Lounge/Cry Room located in the main building just off of the Foyer.  This room has a large television that shows a live streaming of the service.  The purpose of this room is to allow nursing mothers to attend to their children and still be able to watch the service. 


Toddlers: Room #5

We have a wonderful program for our toddler aged children (walking - 3 yrs).  We have a rotation of women that lead the class during the first service.


Pre K - Kindergarten: Room #6

Teacher: Carmen Coria

Carmen has been teaching our Pre K - Kindergarten (4 - 5 yrs) for several years and she has loved every minute of it!  There's a great balance of lesson time, memory verses, actvities, and play time.


1st & 2nd Grade: Room #3

Teachers: Joe & Juanita Botsch

The 1st & 2nd Grade class is at the age where they begin to answer the "why's" about the Bible.  There's a blend of lessons, memory verses, activities, games, and rewards for class participation!  


3rd & 4th Grade: Room #2

Teachers: Scott & Suzanne Gittins

The Gittins' have a wonderful Biblical foundation and do a great job teaching their students the lessons and the concepts behind the stories.  Their class time consists of lessons, memory verses, and activities.  


5th & 6th Grade: Room #1

Teachers: Rob & Leslie Smith and Steve & Micky Velebit

Both sets of teachers for our young men and women have a heart to teach the word of God.  They rotate weekly to bring a vast assortment of knowledge to this transitional age group.


Parent's: Please be prompt in both dropping your child off before class, and in picking them up after church is dismissed.

Our Sunday School Program is Second to NONE!  


Our teachers love The Lord and their goal is to teach your children about God in a safe environment.  Each class curriculum is tailor made for a specific age group, and our teachers make sure that your children leave their classes each week with tools to go about their daily lives.  


Sunday School begins each week at 9am.  The children are to be dropped off directly in their classrooms before the start of the service.