Pastor Rhodes Pringle - Pastor Emeritus


Rhodes pastored Antelope Road Christian fellowship for over 20 years, and has been in pastoral ministry for over 50 years. His devotion to the Word of God is apparent through his inspirational Spirit led teachings. Rhodes is a graduate of Eugene Bible College and pastored several churches in the Pacific Northwest before moving to California in the late 1970's. After marrying, raising 5 natural children and numerous foster children while in the ministry, Rhodes went through the "shipwreck" of divorce. His restoration back into ministry, following 8 years of healing, has uniquely equipped him for special service into the lives of those going through personal crisis and pain. Rhodes' ability to allow God to use all of his life experiences and failures to help others gives him an effective tool in ministry and marriage counseling. Rhodes is married to Jolene Pringle and together they share a love for the Church – the Body of Christ, as well as a love for the spiritually lost. Rhodes' commitment to Relational Theology, "my relationship to God is proven and walked out by my relationship to you", gives him the ability to truly walk in grace and love toward people. In his spare time Rhodes is an avid wood worker-builder and also loves to travel. Rhodes' credentials are with the Church of God – Anderson, Indiana.

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