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Discover the depths of the issue of fatherlessness, and learn the basics of how to become part of the solution

The Need is


We need to train fathers to raise up a new generation of fathers who understand the importance of their role in their families and in their community.

The Roles of a Father

As modeled by God the Father in Mathew 3:17 and Mark 9:7

(Hover over each role to see the underlying context)

"This is my Son..."

Confers identity

"...with Him I am well pleased."

Affirms potential

"...whom I love..."

Provides security

Establishes moral authority

"Listen to Him."

"This is my Son..."

"...whom I love..."

"...with Him I am well pleased."

"Listen to Him."


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Every Sunday, starting August 12, 2018

ARCF Lighthouse Room

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