Antelope Road Christian Fellowship

Name Change FAQ


1) Why are we changing the name of our church?

This is a multi part answer:

  • This is a staff/elder conversation which has been happening off and on for about a decade.  But, the Lord has recently led us to this place where we truly feel that it is time to make a change.  This has been prayed about, discussed, and prayed about some more by your staff and elders.

  • Our address may be changing!  With the sale of the two parcels of land (escrow closing very soon), our Antelope Road address might not be available for us to use any longer.  We are still in the process of finding out what the City will assign as our new address, but it’s very possible we will no longer “be located” on Antelope Road.

  • Our name is incredibly long.  Prior to the internet age, there was a need to communicate a lot in a church name.  This led to churches having long names so that visitors and passers by could know what the church is all about.  Now, with the help of the internet, we have a perfect opportunity to shorten our name for ease of visualization from the road, logo design, etc.  Then, on our website we will include all affiliation information and core beliefs so that anyone who wants to know who we are and what we believe will be able to do so.

  • Acronyms are hard to communicate.  Obviously a lot of what we do now is shorten our long name by using the acronym ‘ARCF’.  Many folks have issues remembering the order of the letters, mis-hearing them over the phone, etc...

  • There is a nearby town called ‘Antelope’.  This causes a lot of confusion for visitors, or people who are attending an event.  Especially if you take out the word ‘Road’ from our name—which a lot of vendors do to fit our name into an invoice.  There is also a church in Antelope called ‘Antelope Christian Center’.  Our mail even gets confused with theirs sometimes.


2) Doesn’t this change our identity?

Not at all!  Our identity is not tied to a name.  We will still be the same loving, caring, family of believers that we have always been with Jesus at the center. We are simply changing our “greeting” to the community by changing the name on our sign.


3) Why are we voting so many times?

We truly believe that the Lord is leading us to change our name, and that He ultimately is the one who will choose it.  And we also believe in the idea that this church is a family, and that all members should have a part in this exciting new adventure.  All of our votes so far have been VERY close (the last one ending in a tie!), and we want to get it right.  Thank you for participating in our votes as we pull together and get this done as a family in Christ!

4) How long will this process take?

This is certainly not an overnight change.  It may take anywhere from 3-5 months to implement our new name.  This includes changing our outside sign, logo, website, color schemes, branding, etc...  Please be patient with us once the name has been chosen to get everything changed over!


5) Are we going to celebrate this new chapter?

YES!!  Keep an eye out for dates for our celebratory potluck coming in the next few months.  Rest assured that we will take full advantage of this time to celebrate and thank the Lord for all of His many, many blessings!


If you have any questions that have not been addressed in this FAQ, please connect with any of our Elders.  We want to make sure that everyone has all of the information needed to feel a part of the process.  We love you all!


ARCF Staff and Elder Board