We have many events and activities throughout the year.                                                                                 Some are fellowship events, some are fundraising events,                                                                              and some are service events.


                                                                         Fellowship Events:

                                                                             In the spring, we attend the Christian Women                                                                                                     Connection's Women's conference at a local Church of                                                                                 God church.  This is a one day event which is wonderful                                                                                 for a time of worship and fellowship with other women.


                                           Our women join others at Diamond Arrow                                                                                               Conference Center in September of each year                                                                                                for the Church of God Women's Retreat.                                                                                              It's a wonderful time of fellowship, and                                                                                                 learning up in the hills!

Each December we have a Christmas Tea.  This is a wonderful event to celebrate the season with fellow women of God!


Fundraising Events:

Of course, there are costs associated with facilitating a ministry.  We use our fundraising dollars to do many things, including offset costs for those in need of financial assistance to attend an event.  We never want finances to stand in the way of someone being able to join us! 


Our largest fundraiser is our Annual Holiday Boutique and Craft Fair in December.  It provides an outlet for people in our community who have crafts, or other wares for sale, to come to one place and make themselves known!  We open up our facility to all kinds of family friendly vendors and it is a great day for shopping! 



Service Events:

Throughout the year, the church has events that the Women's ministry is able to be a part of and help coordinate.  Some of these events are: 

- Weddings

- Wedding Showers

- Baby Showers

- Memorial Services

- Church in the Park

- Potlucks and Banquets


We would love to have you at any and all of our events!  Click here to send an email to the Women's Ministry director for more information!